Sherrie Pugh, MPP

Sherrie Pugh

Sherrie Pugh is director of operations at the Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis. She has committed her career to systemic community change to reverse economic, social and racial inequities through community economic development. Her expertise includes public, private and nonprofit sectors in which she worked with urban and rural communities including an international assignment in South Africa. She served as the first director of three start-up organizations and launched grant programs for the Headwaters Fund, LISC, and the Foundation for the MidSouth. She gained national recognition for publication of the “Community Economic Development Dictionary.”

Ms. Pugh has served on three national community economic development boards. She was a Community Builder Fellow with the Minneapolis HUD Office, afer which she became the Executive Director of Northside Residents Redevelopment Council. At NRRC, she implemented equitable development strategies addressing environment, cultural, transportation and economic development. She also partnered with the University Northside Partnership, resulting in establishment of the University Research and Outreach Engagement Resource Center UROC.

Ms. Pugh has a BS in Housing Studies and recently completed a Master of Public Policy at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School. At the Humphrey School she participated in the Integrative Leadership cohort. She participates in the African American Leadership Forum and currently serves on the boards of Rainbow Research, Inc., the Minnesota Board on Aging, the Westonka Community Action Network (WECAN) , the Black Storytellers Alliance, the UROC Advisory group, and the MCTC Community Development Advisory Committee.