A Deep Field of Technical Experts

As an intentionally small and agile organization, Rainbow Research maintains an established cadre of evaluation and content experts to complement the skills of the core staff or to conduct larger studies.

These long-term, close working relationships mean that scalable expert resources are available for your project whenever needed.

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Cultural Experts

Victoria Amaris

Betty Emarita

Rodolfo Gutierrez

Mohamed A. Mohamed

Julie Nielsen

Chong Xiong

Education Experts

Eric Moore

Economics and Statistic Experts

Hillel W. Cohen

Charles Melvin Gray

Social Science Experts

Scott Chazdon

June Holley

Gayle Zoffer

Family and Children Services Experts

William D. Allen, PhD, LMFT

Cheryl Kreager, MPP

Herman J. Milligan, Jr.

Calvin McIntyre

Elizabeth Scott