Tom Eckstein

Principal, Arundel Metrics, Inc

Tom Eckstein has forty years of new business and new product development in a broad range of industries and independent consulting experience for the past 30 years. Corporate work experience includes a mixture of technical, marketing and new business development positions at Kodak Corporation and 3M Company. Fortune 500 experience includes organizational development, re-positioning, re-branding, business development and new technology development. Start-up experience includes consulting for companies in four industries: wearable computers, health insurance, software and wastewater treatment. Not-for-profit experience includes public health metrics, democratic reform, social enterprise, international community and youth assessment, education, Alzheimer’s prevention and organizational design/development. Tom has designed and published three nationally distributed studies: America’s Health Rankings for the past 25 years; America’s Health Rankings – Senior Edition for past 3 years; The Best Cities to Earn and Save Money. Specific areas of expertise include: strategic and marketing planning, organizational alignment, concept testing of businesses, technologies, products and services, customer and employee understanding studies, qualitative and quantitative research and data modeling. Extensive industry experience in: public health, health care/dental, B2B and consumer, information access for attorney and judicial organizations, financial services; traditional and net-based, B2B and consumer, energy and conservation, software products, and consumer products.