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Vidhya Shanker joined the Rainbow Research team in May 2018. She has a lifelong passion for the arts, one Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, and another Bachelor’s in the History of Art. She maintains a strong interest in the arts as a medium for social transformation. She has also had a strong interest in racial, economic, and gender justice since childhood. As such, she earned a Master’s degree from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota with concentrations in Nonprofit Management and Race, Class, and Gender in Global Perspective. Vidhya has spent her entire professional life contributing one or both these sets of interests and training to the public sector, whether as an independent consultant or staff member at government agencies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations of varying sizes in the USA and internationally. Most recently, she was Director of Research, Innovation & Program Evaluation at Catholic Charities. Previously, she was Senior Program Evaluator at Ramsey County, where she evaluated MFIP employment services. Currently, Vidhya is completing her doctorate in Evaluation Studies. Her dissertation research examines how race is constructed in and through the practice and discourse of evaluation.

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