ClearWay Minnesota

ClearWay MinnesotaSM is an independent nonprofit organization that improves the health of all Minnesotans by reducing tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke through research, action and collaboration.

ClearWay Minnesota contracted Rainbow Research to gather in-depth feedback and experiences from long term smokers (defined as daily smokers for 5+ years) from LGBTQ and/or African American communities.  The goals of this project are to better understand smoking practices and motivations for continued smoking use, surface the experiences, motivations and additional supports needed for successful smoking cessation, and gather community feedback and reactions to potential policy actions to limit smoking and encourage cessation.

Uniquely Rainbow Research

One of the first steps of this project was creating an advisory group. The advisory group advised, consulted with, and made recommendations throughout the project, especially on tools developed, the methods used to implement the tools, and review of the final product. They will also assisted with connecting Rainbow staff to communities they are a part of, particularly to support recruitment of research participants and dissemination of final products.