Greater Twin Cities United Way (GTCUW)

Rainbow Research is currently contracted by the Greater Twin Cities United Way (GTCUW) to do evaluation capacity-building and evaluation technical assistance with a portfolio of their Full Lives Grantees.  The grant program is investing in “cross-sector partnerships and collaborations that support community solutions aimed at increasing healthy, equitable and sustainable food system in North Minneapolis”.  All 11 grantees (totaling 14 projects) are committed to this aim and use a wide variety of strategies that are aligned with the Minnesota Food Charter to rebuild the food system in North Minneapolis.

We are currently learning about the delicate balance required when reviving a food system.  While the main goal is to increase residents’ access to healthy, affordable food, creating a food system also means making sure that growers, producers, and sellers of food are able to make a fair wage for their products.

Uniquely Rainbow Research

An important and continued learning that Rainbow Research is encountering has been regarding measurement.  Each grantee and each project have different aims, so how can impact be measured across grantees.  When trying to understand the impact of the collective, what tools can be used? What questions can be asked? What data to be collected? The ability to work across grantees, understanding each has specific and different outcomes, is a prominent strength of the Rainbow Research Team.