Founder & Executive Director Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy

As a child in Sierra Leone, Hindolo Pokawa experienced the brutal violence, economic destruction, and social disintegration of civil war. After finishing high school as an adult in Zimbabwe, where he fled once the war escalated, he later entered the United States on a student visa and earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science and Global Studies, with a Minor in African-African American Studies, focusing on Peace and Governance from the University of Minnesota-United States. Hindolo has completed one Master’s degree and nearly a second.

As the Founder and Executive Director of Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy, Hindolo’s role has been to build local communities’ capacity to see themselves as part of the solution to socio-economic problems, producers of knowledge, and agents of change. With a strong Right Based Approach, and appreciative enquiry systems to community participatory research, Hindolo’s passion for conducting research and evaluation on right to food, land access, teenage pregnancy, access to early childhood education in rural communities, and healthy eating in migrant communities, has given him a fulfillment in life. Hindolo spend his time between the United States and Sierra Leone, speaking to different groups, building bridges and getting his hands dirty in the soil when he is back in his home village of Mondema-in Gorama Mende Chiefdom-Kenema District.