Research Associate

Iván López-Justiniano (he/him/his), graduated from the University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a Masters in Human Rights. Throughout graduate school, he focused on issues of gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity. His work aims to incorporate intersectional frameworks of marginalized identities into participatory action research and program evaluation. He has worked as a researcher with different human rights organizations both locally and internationally including the Advocates for Human Rights, Global Rights for Women, and the Civil Rights Commission of Puerto Rico. In these and other research projects he utilized human rights and equity and inclusion frameworks to develop culturally appropriate research tools. As a human rights activist from Puerto Rico, he has worked on advocacy projects that focus on issues of LGBTQI rights and women’s rights, particularly minorities within these already marginalized groups. Throughout his research and advocacy, he worked with issues of sexual exploitation, violence against women, homophobia, and others. Recently, he developed a research project that consisted of a human rights fact-finding of LGBTI human rights violations in Kenya to create a report for the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations. As part of his training as a human rights activist and researcher, he utilizes participatory action research, legal frameworks, and intersectional feminism to engage with different stakeholders.