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Katie Fritz Fogel, MPH, has more than five years of experience providing direct service and program oversight to youth and teen programs in predominately East African communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

While earning her master’s degree from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Katie focused on adolescent health, program evaluation and applied research in the Maternal and Child Health program. During graduate school she worked at the Minnesota Department of Health for the Director of Safe Harbor and in partnership with community agencies on applied research projects concerning community assets for LGBTQ youth and sexual exploitation of youth experiencing homelessness.

Katie was recently published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma, Volume 9, 2016

“We’re Automatically Sex in Men’s Eyes, We’re Nothing But Sex…”: Homeless Young Adult Perceptions of Sexual Exploitation.”

Research shows that homeless youth are uniquely vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). But what are young adult perspectives on def- initions and pathways of CSE? We analyze focus group data from participatory research with a homeless youth- serving agency. Participants were a ethnically diverse sample/ethnically diverse sample of twenty four female-identifying young adults (ages 18–23) receiving services. Some perceptions of the participants were consistent with previously documented pathways into CSE. But, important novel themes emerged, including: sexual exploitation as a continuum of sexually explicit interactions (i.e. stripping, fetish, survival sex, trafficking); ever-present conversations and decision-making about CSE in homeless youth and young adult culture; and the paradoxical issue that service-seeking around homelessness and overt identification of CSE victims can target them for greater victimization.

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