Rainbow Research Presents: 

Capacity Building as Part of Pathway to Build Diversity in the Evaluation Field, at the 2017 American Evaluation Association conference.

Research Associate Katie Fritz-Fogle and Research Intern Maryan Gaafaa presenting in Washington D.C.

As a previous youth worker, I Katie Fritz-Fogel, am constantly looking for more ways to hire young adults. For business entities, youth bring creativity, new ideas and perspective. Their natural rejection of the status quo spurs innovation. In turn, we who have become professionals have a responsibility to share our networks and skills with young adults, and make way for them to co-create alongside us. For these reasons, it was an exciting opportunity to get to share our vision for more meaningful youth involvement in the field of evaluation with our colleagues.  Check out the powerpoint from our presentation. In it we outline why there is a great need to more meaningfully create pathways to train and hire youth and young adults, as well as some lessons learned as we attempted to implement it.

Since originally submitting the proposal for this presentation, the title has rubbed me the wrong way.  While I do think creating employment pathways to expose and cultivate evaluation skills will support the efforts of the evaluation field to be more inclusive of new evaluators of color, the importance of making meaningful, permanent space for youth and young adults goes beyond ‘diversity’. Keeping youth and young adults permanently in our professional midst while respecting and compensating them for their contributions is one step towards creating a work culture and evaluation ethos that centers multiple ways of knowing.

Want to find more ways to hire and include youth and young adults in your evaluation practice? “I’d love to problem-solve and dream with you about it.” Contact Katie today!


Girls Inc. Eurkea! Interns Janaan and Julia working in their shared cubicle at our office.


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