Program Manager of Survivor Leadership

Lateesha Coleman (she/her/hers) started at Rainbow Research in July 2019. She has been working with the Safe Harbor Law since 2013, creating and leading trainings, speaking, and helping co-found the passage ways shelter. Lateesha has trained judges, law enforcement, child protection and other direct support staff and grantees of safe harbor on the best practices to work with sexually exploited youth. Lateesha has worked with Youth Link and been a peer-outreach worker. She is dedicated to seeing the underdog on top. She believes that through support and resource distribution, people are given the opportunity to change. Lateesha is a public speaker and has completed 2 semesters at MCTC and is working towards graduating from the University of Minnesota, with a degree in Social Work. In 2016, Lateesha created and ran a conference for Safe Harbor grantees, which included trainings and space for collaboration and to build relationships. She has helped write curriculum for trainings. Such as the safe harbor institute for training. She has been witness for legislation in the fight to change the age barrier for safe harbor. She is a beautiful mother of a baby boy and involved with the Whittier community, where she often does outreach and helps prevent neighborhood violence. Lateesha has received the following certifications: 2015, the National Institutes of Health Office, protecting human research participants; 2015 Victim Survivor Leader Program Model of Empowerment;