Research & Evaluation Intern

612.824.0724 ext. 212

Maryan Gaafaa is 22 years of age, working towards her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Research at Metropolitan State University. Maryan spent a significant amount of time in High School working with children and developed a deep interest in learning from people. She was introduced to the world of research and evaluation through her internship at Rainbow Research and has fallen in love with it! One of her greatest strengths is working on qualitative research projects. Maryan is a very detail oriented person, and she finds her self utilizing this skill frequently in her work at Rainbow Research. Maryan has been at Rainbow Research for over a year and continues to grow from her work here. She is very pro-anything-women, and working here has helped her channel that and turn it into something positive. Maryan’s main goal is discovering ways to break false stigmas that come with being a Muslim immigrant woman. Learning and growing in an environment that offers that is a gift!