Northwest Area Foundation

Reservation-based Work Opportunity Development

Rainbow Research was contracted by the Northwest Area Foundation (NWAF) to partner with the Foundation and support the grantees funded under its Reservation-based Work Opportunity Initiative. Through a highly collaborative process with NWAF and grantees, Rainbow is supporting grantees and their workforce program’s effectiveness by providing relevant technical assistance and capacity building. Rainbow is also collecting feedback and data to enhance NWAF’s and key stakeholders’ understanding of the context of Native workforce issues and of effective strategies and interventions. And finally, Rainbow is providing guidance to the Foundation in the development of shared understanding and measurement across all grantees. A key requirement of this work is an ability to be culturally responsive, ensuring that all activities fit the community’s needs and conditions, honors multiple sources of knowledge, and respects the sovereignty of Tribes.

Rainbow Research’s Executive Director Mary McEathron and Associate Director Rebecca (Beki) Saito at NWAF’s headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota.