State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC) Minnesota State Innovation Model (SIM)

Cross-Driver Evaluation of Community Engagement and Partnerships (2015-2017)

Community engagement is an essential component of Minnesota’s effort to transform health care and to test new ways of delivering and paying for healthcare through the Minnesota Accountable Health Model (MAHM) State Innovation Model (SIM).  The creation of partnerships and community engagement is vital to efforts to expand Minnesotan’s access to quality care, prevent disease, and to achieve health equity.  Rainbow Research partnered with the SHADAC Evaluation Team to study in-depth MAHM’s community engagement process, to  explore three main questions: 1) how and to what extent is the SIM program effectively engaging stakeholders and creating/strengthening community collaboratives focused on creating accountable care organizations (ACO’s) and supporting e-health projects; 2) assess and describe the effects of these investments; and 3) identify formative feedback that can be applied as the work moves forward.  Utilizing a mixed-methods design consisting of secondary data analysis, surveys, key informant interviews, and case studies, Rainbow Research is documenting the community engagement process, assessing its outcomes, and identifying lessons learned to support the state’s ongoing efforts to transform Minnesota’s health care system into an integrated system that provides high quality, cost effective, patient-centered care for all.


What does community engagement really mean?

Community engagement means different things to different people. Often, when people say they are doing community engagement want they really mean is that they are working with a representative, community leader, or a community based organization. Blah blah critical refelceiton