Summit Academy Opportunities Industrialization Center (SAOIC)

 Summit Academy OIC (2013-2017) Summit Academy Opportunities Industrialization Center (SAOIC) in Minneapolis helps individuals, particularly those from economically challenged backgrounds, to build successful careers by offering vocational training programs and job placement support.  Rainbow Research is working with SAOIC in conducting a five-year longitudinal study to evaluate the long-term impact of SAOIC employment training on participants’ employment, wages, standard of living, and civic engagement in the years following completion of their training program.  The goal of the project is to measure the reduction in use of government-supported programs and services for those who have completed the training. Rainbow is employing a quasi-experimental, pre-post longitudinal design to compare SAOIC students with a control group on variables such as income, wages, or service utilization. Rainbow will utilize mixed methods such as outcomes assessment, case studies, Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis, and secondary data analysis from sources such as: SAOIC student data; face to face interviews; surveys via online, phone, and other digital devices; and, state and county statistics.  Findings from this evaluation will be used to improve SAOIC programming and student retention, and to support its broader workforce policy agenda.

Uniquely Rainbow Research

Rainbow provided formative evaluation findings for program improvement in the first two years. Followed by net impact and ROI in the last year.