Women’s Fund of Omaha

Sex Trafficking Initiative, 2016 to Present.

The Women’s Fund of Omaha is in the midst of an exciting stage in their efforts to coordinate and improve services and initiatives that help survivors of sexual exploitation, stop traffickers, and ultimately eliminate the market. The Women’s Fund of Omaha strategically sits at the intersection of multiple sectors and geographic levels, bringing together key community partners in research, service provision, and governmental agencies including law enforcement, prosecution, and child protection across city, county, and statewide initiatives. Amidst the complexity of systems change of this magnitude, Rainbow Research is assisting to clarify and articulate the overlapping goals and strategies for producing change and to examine how the activities across the various stakeholders might be synergistically coordinated. In the first phase of the evaluation we engaged a full range of stakeholders in a participatory process to clearly articulate the current model, identify current patterns of interaction, and identify opportunities to strengthen the collaborative work and demonstrate effectiveness.